The science behind Headstrong

Headstrong was developed by a team of experts in digital innovation for youth mental health from the University of Auckland. The tool’s content draws on Māori, Pacific and Western science. We use Te Whare Tapa Whā as our holistic wellbeing model.

"She Actually Sounds Like a Real Person" - Exploring Young Adults' Views About Aroha, a Chatbot for Stress Associated with the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Benefits backed by science

Developed with rangatahi & digital experts at the University of Auckland. The content draws on culturally responsive and evidence-based strategies.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Identify and change negative thought patterns, improve emotional regulation and engage in healthier behaviours.

Te Whare Tapa Whā

Support for your mind and body, your connections with whānau and friends, & your spirit or beliefs. All these parts need to be strong and balanced for you to feel your best!

Positive Psychology

Leveraging rangatahi's inherent strengths to foster optimism, gratitude, and a positive outlook on life.

Relaxation & Mindfulness

Boost self-awareness, align actions with values, enhance self-esteem, and assist with better sleep.

Interpersonal Skills & Communication

Learn how to handle complex relationship dynamics,  develop meaningful & genuine connections.

Substance Use & Harm Minimisation

Guidance for safer choices and behaviour changes, with the aim of empowering teens to prioritise their safety and wellbeing.

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