are you all good?

Headstrong is a free app to help young people strengthen their mental wellbeing.


Developed with health experts and rangatahi, Headstrong is like a personal trainer for your mind. Young people can use it to build resilience and a healthy outlook on life.

Developed with rangatahi

Supported by experts in youth mental health

Free to use

No subscriptions or in-app purchases. Headstrong is free to use.

Backed by science

Based on proven
strategies for developing mental resilience.

Safe & secure

Private and secure, your user data is safe and support is just a click away.

Made for youth.
Trusted by whānau.

When life gets challenging, who can help? Headstrong can.

Headstrong provides a virtual guide who can teach you helpful things that have worked for other young people, when they’ve felt stressed or worried.

Made for modern minds

Young people are more and more aware that a healthy mind matters. Headstrong turns your mobile phone into a digital tool for good mental wellbeing.

Building better resilience

Headstrong is a simple, accessible way to build healthy habits that strengthen your mental wellbeing.

Virtual chat to learn new skills

Your guides in Headstrong are chatbots, not real people. They can guide you through new skills to support young minds, with friendly language and appropriate suggestions and advice.

Creating open kōrero

Talking openly with your friends and your whānau helps them be more understanding. Keeping your own kōrero positive helps you focus on things you can do to make things better.

Help and further resources

If you are worried about how you or someone you know is feeling, here are some useful places to find help.

Is it urgent?
If you or someone you care about is in immediate danger (i.e. thinking of hurting or killing themselves or is feeling suicidal,
or in danger from others), call 111. If you need to talk to someone right away, or feel you can't cope, there are people
who can help you immediately.

Youthline offers a free 24/7 Helpline service, free face-to-face counselling services and youth mentoring.
Free call 0800 37 66 33
Whatever it is, we’re here. You’ll get to talk to a trained counsellor or talk to a peer support worker, completely free.
Free text or call 1737
What's Up
What's UP is a free Teens Helpline in New Zealand. It's a safe place for you to
talk about anything.
Free call 0800 942 8787
The Lifeline helpline provides 24/7, confidential support from qualified counsellors and trained volunteers.
Free call 0800 543 354
Confidential, free, all-ages support line,
rainbow specialist counselling and
trans peer support.
Free call 0800 688 5463
Alcohol Drug Helpline
If you need help with alcohol or drugs,
the Alcohol Drug Helpline is a good
place to start.
Free call 0800 787 797

If you, or someone you care about, would like to learn more, try these online resources.

SPARX is a fun computer program that helps young people with mild to moderate depression, anxiety or stress.
The Lowdown
The Lowdown is a website to help young New Zealanders recognise and understand depression and anxiety.
Small Steps
Small steps is a website where people of Aotearoa can take small steps on their journey to improve wellbeing.

Are you worried about your young person right now?
You might be worried that your young person is so down or stressed out that they are experiencing major difficulties or are at risk of or engaging in self-harm. You can talk to your GP, or ring the local child and adolescent mental health service to find out about getting them more help. You can also find more advice at

And remember, young people generally want and need support from their family/whānau.